I've been asked a lot lately, "What is your favorite thing to photograph? Weddings or families?" My answer: both!
Why? Because my favorite thing to photograph is love. In all of its forms. 

Love stories come in all sorts of forms. 

it's all about

the details

My focus is the story. The details are never ending in a family and a couple. I want to know how you met, who makes the coffee, who wakes up grumpy and who jumps out of bed as soon as the sun makes its arrival. 

Those details make your wedding photos that much more intimate (and may make me tear up right along side of you) 

I want to hear your story! Send me a message to tell me all about your unique love story and the way you plan to celebrate it. I've got a bunch of packages to suit your day & capture all those yummy details of your life.

Let's celebrate together!




Are you having a small wedding? eloping? 
We've created this package just for you!
Tiny, intimate weddings are our jam.
Send us a message to tell us about your unique love story and the way you plan to celebrate it!



You are getting married! You've got the dress, the place, the food & the flowers now you need someone to capture it exactly how it feels. 
That's where we step in!
As a husband & wife duo - we'll capture your wedding with all the tiny details you never even knew you wanted to remember.



You've got a ring!
Someone knelt down and asked a special question. OR, someone just said "hey, we should get married!" out of the blue. and now here you are, all engaged and looking to remember this moment in your lives!
We've got packages to make that story come alive. 

Starting at $500

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